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Welcome to State establishment “Crimea State Medical University



As a Rector of State establishment “Crimea State Medical University”, I have pleasure to welcome you to the University, One of the Oldest European Universities, we are proud to offer our Premedical, Medical, Dental, Pharmacy and postgraduate education programs.
As you would expect of a University dedicated of excellence in teaching and learning you will be taught by people who are at the forefront of research in their particular fields.

The State Establishment Crimea State Medical University  offers an intimate, collegial environment, which fosters human values and genuine learning. This is in harmony with the traditional idea of living and learning together. New computerized technology, modern individual electronic communications, a newly introduced course of studies in English language, a significant number of high level inter- national academic conferences, participation with other universities in creating sophisticated programs of medical studies on par with those of Europe-this is a modern image for our University.

If you have decided to devote your life to public health service then LSMU is ready to suggest you training up to the world standards which will create conditions for successful realization of your further career. Social reforms in our nation have touched not only the practice of medicine but also medical education.

If you plan to make a responsible step in your life and want to choose the only university that fit your life plans and goals, and if you dream to devote your life to caring for people’s health, the State establishment “Crimea State Medical University” is ready to offer to implement your wishes and offers You education that meets world standards. Our university will help you become a specialist high level and will create favorable conditions for your further professional development and careers.

LSMU has welcomed the international students from around the world for more than 40 years. These students enrich the life and culture of our university and strengthen the relations between our countries. LSMU is a modern institution of higher education with rich traditions. The strongly international oriented programs provide a rigorous training in all aspects of education.

LSMU produced thousand of doctors and other graduates around the world. We have always endeavored to change with the changing times but as often were the initiators of reforms in higher medical education.

LSMU is a research led university and this is extremely important to our students and the quality of teaching they receive. We have links with many international universities, so we can always measure our performance against the best in the world. LSMU has unique place for producing hundreds of doctors and graduates around the globe. Hence it has won many international awards for its achievements and contributions to the nation.
The students who are coming every year from all over the continents are having wonderful time. The students who finish their degrees and return home always carry nostalgic memories of our university and Ukraine. Highly skilled staff team of the university will help you over come difficulties with mastering the chosen specialty. In the best libraries and clinics of Crimea you will acquire qualifications which will be highly appreciated by your future employers.
So, we welcome you too to our modernized University which will be running its courses in the English language and fulfill your dreams of becoming doctor. I am sure you will feel at home here and your decision to choose our State establishment “Crimea State Medical University” is the right one.

Highly qualified teaching staff of the University will help you master the chosen profession and to overcome all the difficulties that arise in the learning process. Clinical and Luhansk library help you to become professionals. In recent years our employees have the opportunity to work abroad as specialists and teachers in the United States, Yemen, Germany and Great Britain.
The University is proud that his teachers were scientists who have made a significant contribution to world science.

Our university conducts joint research and has partnered with many scientific institutions around the world, such as Cambridge University, Cardiff Medical Centre (England), Polish Medical Academy, urgent medical clinics in Germany, Belgium, Austria and Israel Medical Center in St. - Etienne (France), New York Medical Center, Ukrainian Medical Society in Canada and Austria.


State establishment “Crimea State Medical University”



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